If you’ve been researching how to make money online for some time, you’ve probably already heard that affiliate marketing is one of the best options for newbies. Like any other business, project or startup, the first step is usually always the most difficult, so affiliate marketing is no exception. While there are different ways to […]

Affiliate marketing works to attract new customers and save your budget. We come across examples of affiliate marketing every day, sometimes without even realizing it – when in a cafe for a cappuccino we take a chocolate of a famous brand at the checkout, when in a clothing store we receive a discount coupon for […]

If you are an affiliate marketer, you need to know how to properly promote affiliate (referral / affiliate) links. The first step is to study the proposal and see if there are any restrictions. Once you know the advertiser’s terms and conditions, you can safely use the methods described below to drive traffic. What is […]

The opinions of the affiliate marketers vary from extremely negative to enthusiastic. There are both disappointed and those who earn 10-20% of the total turnover thanks to the affiliate program. Like any marketing tool, an affiliate program must be properly organized and applied. Affiliate programs are an opportunity to get hundreds and even thousands of […]

How to get leads from social media if you don’t have groups? How to multiply traffic from sites where you are not even represented? The answer is – through affiliate marketing. This article will explain what affiliate marketing is and how companies can use it in their sales strategy. Affiliate Marketing Benefits First, affiliate marketing […]

Do you want to earn a healthy income? Try building an Amazon affiliate site. You’ve probably heard about how much money an Amazon affiliate can make online. Maybe you even created a website, tested it, and found that after you got everything moving, only a few dollars in affiliate revenue came in a few months. […]

So, have you decided to try your hand at creating your Affiliate Marketing website? Really a wise move. In this period, more and more companies are turning to affiliate marketing to promote their products or services. Creating a web portal and monetizing it thanks to an affiliate system is a strategic choice, which will allow […]

In this article we want to talk to you about a fundamental aspect that you need to know even before thinking about the drafting of your content, that is the purchase process. By knowing the phases that distinguish the purchase process, you will be able to better understand the needs of your users and for […]

Taking advantage of Amazon Affiliate Marketing to promote the different products it contains is a good choice to get some additional money or to create your own income. Let’s see how to proceed to make the best possible choices regarding the products on Amazon, so that the affiliation can be better from every point of […]

Ok, as promised, here is a checklist of the entire process that will lead you to make money with your blog simply by recommending / promoting the products for sale on Amazon: Below we will tell you about the various steps in a little more detail … 1 – Create your blog Well… we would […]