If you are an affiliate marketer, you need to know how to properly promote affiliate (referral / affiliate) links. The first step is to study the proposal and see if there are any restrictions. Once you know the advertiser’s terms and conditions, you can safely use the methods described below to drive traffic. What is […]

The opinions of the affiliate marketers vary from extremely negative to enthusiastic. There are both disappointed and those who earn 10-20% of the total turnover thanks to the affiliate program. Like any marketing tool, an affiliate program must be properly organized and applied. Affiliate programs are an opportunity to get hundreds and even thousands of […]

Although each person is individual, we have something in common: on average, we show the same model of behavior, and accordingly, we all succumb to the influence of psychological traps. You don’t need to invent anything to increase conversion, marketers have long thought of and analyzing everything. We just have to choose the right techniques […]

Do you want to earn a healthy income? Try building an Amazon affiliate site. You’ve probably heard about how much money an Amazon affiliate can make online. Maybe you even created a website, tested it, and found that after you got everything moving, only a few dollars in affiliate revenue came in a few months. […]